Selection of Dosing Sites for Mineral Processing

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    The beneficiation of the beneficiation is only reasonable, in order to ensure the maximum efficiency and the best dimension, so according to the characteristics of the ore, the nature of the drug and process requirements, a reasonable choice of dosing sites and dosing methods.
The choice of dosing site is related to the use and solubility of the medicament, and the media modifier is usually added to the mill so that the detrimental effect of the "unavoidable" ion on the flotation of the activating or inhibiting effect is eliminated, Should be added to the collector before, usually also added to the grinding machine, the activator often added to the mixing tank, in the tank and the pulp to reconcile for a certain time. (Such as cresol black medicine, white medicine, coal, oil, etc.), in order to promote its dissolution and dispersion, lengthening with the soot and the flotation agent Minerals of the role of time, often joined the grinding machine.
Common dosing order is:
(1) flotation ore, the regulator - inhibitor - collector - foaming agent;
(2) flotation is inhibited when the mineral, the activator - collector - foaming agent.
In addition, the choice of dosing sites should also consider the nature of ore and other specific conditions. For example, some copper sulfide-iron ore flotation plant xanthate added to the mill, the results improved the selection of copper indicators, in addition, the grinding cycle to install a single slot flotation machine to recover the dissociated coarse ore It is necessary to add the agent to the grinding machine in order to increase the time of the collector