The two dosing methods of flotation

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      Flotation agents can be added in one or two ways. One addition means that a certain agent is added to the pulp before flotation, so that at a point of operation
Of the pharmaceutical concentration is high, the strength factor is large, the addition is also convenient, generally for easy to dissolve in water, not to be taken away by the foam mechanical, and in the pulp is not easy to react and failure
Of the pharmaceutical (such as soda, lime, etc.), often used a dosing.
Partial dosing refers to the addition of certain agents in the flotation process, usually in the flotation before adding the total amount of 60% to 70%, the remaining 30% to 40% in several batches to join the appropriate locations, so The batch dosing can maintain the concentration of the pharmacy along the flotation line and is conducive to improving the quality of the concentrate.
For the following circumstances, should be used in batches:
1, insoluble in water, easy to be taken away by the bubble of the pharmaceutical (such as oleic acid, fat amine collector).
2, in the pulp easy to react or easy decomposition of the failure of the pharmaceutical. Such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc., if only one point to join, it will soon react failure.
3, the amount required to strictly control the pharmaceutical. Such as sodium sulfide, local concentration is too large, it will lose the choice of role.
Pharmacy action time is not the same, the practice of commonly used agents can be used to determine the experience, such as pine oil 1 ~ 2min, xanthate 1 ~ 3min.