T-Zn-1 collector

  • 產品名稱: T-Zn-1 collector
  • 產品分類: Gold and silver selective collector
  • 公司名稱: 招遠市91桃色污化工有限公司
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  • 產品價格: 麵議
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T-Zn-1 collector is our company to absorb the advantages of foreign similar high-performance collector on the basis of the development of the special zinc deficiency collector.
The collector contains a plurality of polar groups of the same type of polar groups. Its main features are:
1. The flotation of sphalerite and sulfurized zinc oxide ore and other mineral capture is better.
2. The flotation of lead oxide ore is one of the outstanding features.
3. The associated gold, silver mining strong, can be effective recovery of precious metals.
4. The collection of strong collector, should be mixed with xanthate, black medicine, the amount is generally less.
The collector can be added directly to the grinding process.

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